A project to update the holdings of the international collection of the Centre

Lucky Country Cover of DVD © Zeal Theatre

From October until Christmas Eve 2017 the Centre has carried out a project to check and update the holdings of the ASSITEJ International Archives. This step has been induced by a new delivery from ASSITEJ South Africa containing in particular a selection of videos collected in preparation of the 19th World Congress 2017 in Cape Town.

TYA Worldwide

For choosing guest performances trailer or live recordings of performances were sent in from all continents. Although the Centre didn't receive the complete sample of the deliveries we were told to get hold of a representative selection of media. A look on the listing of the videos shows the continous predominance of the European Theatres, but also provides evidence of the vital theatre-life of the other continents:

  • 3 Theatres from Australia
  • 11 Theatres from three North-American Countries
  • 12 Theatres from four South-American Countries
  • 12 Theatres from twelve Asian Countries
  • 24 Theatres from two African Countries, South Africa and Kenya
  • 48 Theatres from seventeen European Countries

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Together with the description of the new arrivals the complete stock as well as the entries in the catalogue were checked. Especially the former delivery containing the period of the Secretary General from 1998 until 2008 in Sweden was repacked and catalogued.

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Focus on Africa

During this process the documents were searched for information worth to copy or scan for counseling or displaying on the web. In fact we prepared with those documents and another selection of illustrations taken from the archive of contemporary international performances a new section on the internet portal of the Centre www.jugendtheater.net with a focus on Africa.