Wolfgang Schneider (Hrsg. für die ASSITEJ BRD):
Theatre for Early Years.
Research in Performing Arts for Children from Birth to Three
Frankfurt (Main): Peter Lang Verlag 2009. 198 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-631-59259-2, ISSN 0723-8312
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  There is an old tradition in theatre arts: Education! And there is a new tendency: Theatre Arts for the very young! The relationship to education is clear, but what about the profit for the arts? The world of children as a horizon of experiences? The role of music as a dramaturgical element? Is it needed to divide the performance in actors and spectators? Is there a special age for a successful reception? How much should theatre artists be confronted with the physical and psychological development of children? It seems that Theatre for Early Years is a work in progress. There are more and more examples on the stages of the world: In Europe, in the States, in Australia. A variety of different perspectives are included in this research in performing arts from birth to three. The authors are reflecting their work, their observations, their directorship – to discover a new audience, to accompany the new generation in aesthetics, to make the signs of the time transparent. And maybe the development of Theatre for Early Years is a new challenge to renew the language of theatre, to establish an art of simplicity for the complexity of theatre.  

Contents: A new phenomenon on stage: Theatre for Early Years! · New challenges with new audiences: From birth to three · A variety of different perspectives about the performing arts: In Europe, the States and Australia · Reflections, Reports, Experiences · The category of simplicity and the complexity of theatre aesthetic peculiarities · Dramaturgical observations · Pedagogical remarks · Changing ways of perception through theatre · The joy of re-discovering the world