ASSITEJ International Archives

In 1990 the Children and Youth Theatre Centre (KJTZ) in Frankfurt am Main established the ASSITEJ International Archives as an important part of its collection in this field.


On one hand the documents were contributed by the Secretary General of ASSITEJ, first in retrospective, later at the end of each period and nowadays as upload into our cloud. This supply consists of copies of the correspondence, of reports and prints for public relations since 1965. In addition, the archive holds documents with reference to the Honorary Presidents Award.

On the other hand national members of ASSITEJ provide the KJTZ with reports of the National Centres and programs of theatres in each country. Together with the original documents and printed matters there are several photographs and audiovisual media linked to the archive.

2017 the holdings and the descriptions in the database were updated; several lists of the entries show the content of each section within the classification of the ASSITEJ International Archives.

Exhibition on the Web

75 posters from 50 countries represent the huge variety of Theatre for Young Audiences. The course of ASSITEJ discussions unfolds through the themes of the World Congresses. A scenic reading entitled 'Let us leave history now and turn to the present' in spring 2015 in Berlin was based on a look into the ASSITEJ International Archives as a very special contribution to the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2015.

"Memory: a wide-ranging, complex topic, that can be seen through different points of view and open so many paths for reflection." Roberto Frabetti (ICARO 6, Bologna 2016)


Since the fall of the wall the two german organisations merged to form the ASSITEJ of the Federal Republic of Germany and the bureau in Berlin was turned into an office of the Centre. In the following years the collection of this bureau was developed into the Archive of the Children and Youth Theatre in the GDR (1946-1990).

Just like the collection in Frankfurt this archive contains not only the programs of the theatres but also prove the vital role of the german representatives for the development of the ASSITEJ international. Due to the renovation of the site in Berlin this archive is temporarily closed and visits are restricted to special arrangements. We hope to transfer this archive to Frankfurt and to provide a proper access in the near future.


For visitors the collection in Frankfurt am Main is open every day from Monday to Friday. For an effective research it is recommended to get in touch before. The staff can give some advice and confirm the necessary appointment for the visit. The KJTZ can also perform a limited search but can't take over a full research.

"I can't remember the last time I was as inspired by what I learned as I was during the exciting seven hours of the work visit to ASSITEJ Archives in Frankfurt. […] I found myself feeling empowered and inspired." Diana Kržanić Tepavac, ASSITEJ Serbia president (2016)

Every National Center of ASSITEJ is invited to send in reports and printed material for public relations and to spread the word to the theatres and festivals in their scope. The collection receives material in retrospect as well as new printed or digital documents describing the structure, the events and the development of the Theatre for Young Audiences.

For further information please contact our department of Information und Documentation (

To read on: Nat Eek: The History of ASSITEJ. 3 vol. Santa Fe (USA): Sunstone Press 2008-2014;

ASSITEJ International Award for Artistic Excellence – the Honorary President’s Award 1996 – 2005. Frankfurt: KJTZ 2008 (PDF); – the official website of the international organisation with informations about the structure and debates of ASSITEJ